Real Estate

Real estate, including residential, commercial, or uninhabited property can be the subject of a contract for purchase or dispute.

Vaughn Petitt regularly provides settlement agent services for real estate transaction closings in and around the state of Kentucky. Whether it is a traditional buy/sell transaction, a refinance or a bridge loan; whether it involves residential or commercial property, Vaughn Petitt provides smart and efficient real estate services for you and your clients. Vaughn Petitt Legal Group is an approved title insurance agent, and they can handle all of your title needs, including insurance and opinions regarding your piece of property.

In addition to closing your real estate transaction, real property law can often be the subject of legal disputes. From actions surrounding the development of real property, to claims against builders and general contractors, to boundary disputes, to arguments surrounding the contracts involved in real estate deals, and even matters regarding condominium and homeowners' associations, Vaughn Petitt Legal Group, PLLC is adept at helping you navigate the world of real estate disputes.

If you have questions regarding property law or you are involved in a dispute concerning real estate, please contact us now.