Public Sector

The liability of the government and/or governmental employees is described as Municipal or Public Sector Liability. Vaughn Petitt Legal Group, PLLC is one of the most prolific and successful law firms in the area of public sector, or municipal liability. Our lawyers have successfully represented cities, counties, mayors, sheriffs and their deputies, law enforcement agencies, law enforcement personnel, police departments, detention centers, public safety officers, sewer and sanitation districts, fiscal courts, planning and zoning boards, animal control officers and many other public entities and employees. We have routinely handled claims involving employment discrimination, whistleblower allegations, car/truck wrecks, inadequate training and many others. Some of our attorneys are former adjunct professors of Civil Liability in the Executive Leadership Course at the Southern Police Institute in the University of Louisville's Criminal Justice Department. If you or your clients face an issue that concerns civil rights, governmental tort liability, or any other aspect of public sector or municipal law, contact the Vaughn Petitt Legal Group and let them help you efficiently and effectively address your concerns today.