Family Law

Kentucky Family Courts are civil in nature and handle domestic-related issues including divorce, child custody, parenting time or visitation, paternity matters, child support, parental rights, adoption, Emergency Protective Orders (EPOs) and domestic violence matters. The practice of family law involves guiding families through the numerous and often emotionally difficult issues which arise in the very broad field of domestic relations. Because every family and every client are unique, a competent family law practitioner must bring experience, know-how and compassion to each case.

The Family Law team at Vaughn Petitt Legal Group has helped hundreds of clients navigate the hectic world of Kentucky’s Family Court System. As family law related matters can be extremely stressful and emotions often run high, for those embroiled in domestic issues, it can be frustrating, confusing and time-consuming to attempt to handle these matters without the assistance of experienced and knowledgeable counsel. As a result of the ever-changing and distinct law involved in Kentucky’s Family Courts, having an attorney who stays up to date on changes in the law and who takes time to carefully explain the nuances of the Court system is imperative.

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