Estate Planning

Don’t just think about what might happen in the future. Take that intelligent extra step and start planning for your future and the future of your loved ones.

Everyone can benefit from a solid estate plan. We specialize in estate plans for all stages of life and finances from young families who are just getting started to couples and singles getting ready for retirement to end of life planning.

A solid estate plan can provide peace of mind by:

-helping beneficiaries avoid or navigate the often lengthy and expensive probate process;

-ensuring that children and other dependents will be properly cared for, including those with special needs;

-protecting joint assets of unmarried or same sex partners;

-name someone you trust to handle your affairs in the event of your unexpected incapacity or death.

Planning for your death or incapacity can be tough to think about and easy to avoid. We can help guide you through the process efficiently, affordably and compassionately so that you can face the difficult issue and help ensure the plan for your estate is followed. Whether it be a simple will, a complex trust-based estate plan, a living will, or anything in between, we can help you carefully consider your options and choose the path that best fits the needs of your unique situation.

If you have questions regarding estate planning, please contact us now.