Additional Services

In addition to the other things we do, discussed elsewhere on our site, the lawyers of Vaughn Petitt Legal Group, PLLC also regularly engage in the following:

Business Formation

Assist start-ups and new owners on matters including preparation and filing of documents with the appropriate governmental entity, drafting of partnership agreements and employment contracts. We can help you and your new business start down your path of success on the correct legal footing. Planning now for what may come may save you ten-fold when it does.

Contract Preparation and Review

Vaughn Petitt Legal Group is very experienced at helping clients prepare and analyze contracts, in addition to handling lawsuits that include allegations of breach of a contract or contractual provisions. Whether you need assistance preparing a partnership agreement, employment agreements, buy and sell agreements, or contracts of any kind, the lawyers of Vaughn Petitt can help you do so in a way that effectively protects your interests and limits your liability under the contract. If you have an issue dealing with contract law, contact us today.

Pre and Post EEOC complaint investigation

If you are an employer that is facing the threat of an (or an actually filed) administrative complaint of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation then hiring us as an independent third party to investigate the matter for you may be your wisest choice of action. Employers might face negative consequences for failing to investigate such claims and we are experienced at reviewing all pertinent facts, interviewing necessary witnesses and providing in depth analysis of the potential claim. Contact the experienced attorneys of Vaughn Petitt Legal Group and let them assist your business with the investigation of any complaint of discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation in order to intelligently protect the interests of you and your business.

General Litigation

The lawyers of Vaughn Pettit Legal Group are trial attorneys. If you or your clients are facing the prospect of a lawsuit, a civil action for money damages and/or injunctive relief or an administrative action with which you could use representation, contact the experienced and highly skilled advocates of Vaughn Petitt Legal Group and let them help you solve your legal dilemma in an efficient and effective manner.


Mediation is an effective method for efficiently resolving disputes and avoiding a lengthy and expensive litigation process. A mediator is an independent third party that assists all parties to a lawsuit in an attempt to reach a settlement of the dispute. It is a flexible process that can be used to settle all types of claims, disputes or lawsuits, either before suit has been filed or while the matter is actively being litigated. A large number of civil cases in the Kentucky state courts are required to engage in mediation before being allowed to proceed to trial. Carol Schureck Petitt is approved as a Certified Civil Mediator by the Administrative Office of the Courts. To contact Carol, call 502-243-9797 or email . Call her and let her assist in resolving your important matter today.

Estate Planning / Wills

Vaughn Petitt Legal Group, PLLC regularly drafts simple wills and other estate documents for a very reasonable cost. If you are looking for a will, or you would like to discuss your estate planning needs, please contact us today.

Real Estate

Real estate, including residential, commercial, or uninhabited property can be the subject of a contract for purchase or dispute. Real property law can often be the subject of legal disputes. From actions surrounding the development of real property, to claims against builders and general contractors, to boundary disputes, to arguments surrounding the contracts involved in real estate deals, and even matters regarding condominium and homeowners associations, Vaughn Petitt Legal Group, PLLC is adept at helping you navigate the world of real estate disputes. If you have questions regarding property law or you are involved in a dispute concerning real estate, please contact us now.